Panel Sessions

18th September 2015 (Friday)

Panel 1: (6min, each)

Main Lecture Hall A+B

9:30 – 11:30


Moderator: Marcin Barczyński, Poland

Panelists: Claudio Cernea (Brasil), Gianlorenzo Dionigi (Italy), Fausto Palazzo (UK), Woongyoun Chung (South Korea), Manuel Duran Poveda (Spain), Fen-Yu Chiang (Taiwan), Rajab Alzaharani (Saudi Arabia), Mike Singer (USA),

1. Europe:

Rick Schneider, Germany

Laurent Brunaud, France

Gianlorenzo Dionigi, Italy

Marcin Barczyński, Poland

Manuel Duran Poveda, Spain

Anders Bergenfelz, Sweden

Fausto Palazzo, UK

2. North America:

Mike Singer, USA

3. South America :

Erivelto Volpi, Brasil

Juan Pablo Duenas Munoz, Columbia

5. Asia:

Akira Miyauchi, Japan

Kewei Jiang, China

Woongyoun Chung, South Korea

Che-Wei Wu, Taiwan

6. Middle East:

Özer Makay, Turkey

Rajab Alzaharani, Saudi Arabia

7. Australia:

Jonathan Serpell, Australia


Panel 2: (15min each)

Main Lecture Hall A+B

14:30 – 16:00

INTERMITTED IONM – Evidence based perspective

Moderator: Gianlorenzo Dionigi, Italy

Panelists: Barney Harrison (UK), Feng-Yu Chiang (Taiwan), Kerstin Lorenz (Germany), Marcin Barczyński (Poland), Radu Mihai (UK), Juan Pablo Duenas (Columbia), Ralph Tufano (USA), Maria Grazia Chiofalo (Italy)

1. Barney Harrison (UK) Critical appraisal

2. Feng-Yu Chiang (Taiwan) Standardized approach to RLN monitoring

3. Kerstin Lorenz (Germany) Normative EMG data of vagus and RLN

4. Juan Pablo Duenas (Columbia) Advantages and disadvantages of routine i-IONM utilization during thyroidectomy

5. Ralph Tufano (USA) i-IONM in T3-T4 thyroid cancer with trachea resection

6. Marcin Barczyński (Poland) i-IONM in reoperative thyroid surgery


Panel 3: (15min each)

Main Lecture Hall A+B

16:30 – 18:00

CONTINEOUS IONM – Evidence based perspective

Moderator: Henning Dralle, Germany

Panelists: Claudio Cernea (Brasil), Rick Schneider (Germany), Kerstin Lorenz (Germany), Dipti Kamani (USA), Andre Potenza (USA), Niranjan Sritharan (USA), Barney Harrison (UK), Gregory W, Randolph (USA)

1. Kerstin Lorenz (Germany) Baseline characteristics

2. Rick Schneider (Germany), Henning Dralle (Germany) Combined events for c-IONM

3. Gianlorenzo Dionigi (Italy) Amplitude and latency profile while EMG tube position modification in c-IONM

4. Che-Wei Wu What we can learn about c-IONM from animal studies- an overview

5. Claudio Cernea, Brasil Future perspectives for c-IONM


19th September 2015 (Saturday)

Panel 4: (15min each)

Main Lecture Hall A+B

8:15 – 10:00


Moderator: Gregory W. Randolph, USA

Panelists: Henning Dralle (Germany), Peter Goretzki (Germany), Gianlorenzo Dionigi (Italy), Akira Miyauchi (Japan), Claudio Cernea (Brasil), Quan-Yang Duh (USA), Gayle Woodson (USA), Per Mattson (Sweden)

1. Gianlorenzo Dionigi (Italy) Stage thyroidectomy – historical overview

2. Gregory W. Randolph (USA) Definitions of loss of signal and the concept of trauma over time

3. Peter Goretzki (Germany) Advantages of staged thyroidectomy

4. Alicja Hubalewska-Dydejczyk (Poland) Alternative non-surgical treatment in staged thyroidectomy – endocrinologist point of view

5. Per Mattsson (Sweden) Regenerative potential of the RLN

6. Akira Miyauchi (Japan) Surgical RLN reconstruction


Panel 5: (20min each)

Main Lecture Hall A+B

13:00 – 14:30


Moderator: Peter  Angelos, USA

Panelists: Henning Dralle (Germany), Kerstin Lorenz (Germany), Gianlorenzo Dionigi (Italy), Serdar Tezelman (Turkey), Sam Snyder (USA), Michael Hermann (Austria)

1. Peter Angelos (USA) Ethical and medicolegal issues in IONM during thyroidectomy

2. Henning Dralle (Germany) Impact of IONM on malpractice claims

3. Gianlorenzo Dionigi (Italy) Informed consent for IONM-guided thyroid surgery

4. Michael Hermann, Austria: EMG documentation for medical records